Composed in:
clarinet, bassoon & piano
14 min.
Doblinger Music Publishers (catalog # 37 305)
Commissioned by:
Gary Gray
Premiere performance:
July 30, 2017 by Gary Gray - clarinet, Judith Farmer - bassoon and Nadia Shpachenko - piano at the Beverly Hills International Music Festival
CD recording:
Gernot Wolfgang, VIENNA AND THE WEST (2019), Albany Records CD TROY 1760



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More information about the CD recording of Windows.



“A very intriguing piece!”

Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge

“Windows (2014) has a modernist feel here with the two wind instruments woven through some opening lyrical writing that is again quite beautiful.  Two thematic ideas appear in this extended work that allows for some experimental variation technique.  The contrast comes in a second idea that has a bit more rhythmic punctuation, and an asymmetrical pulse at times with waves of material that are tossed between the winds.  A section also lets the piano soloist explore these ideas before rejoined for a gradual push to the final bars.”

Steven Kennedy, Cinemusical