Vienna And The West

Gernot Wolfgang
Albany Records TROY1760 (2019)


  • 01. ROAD SIGNS (bassoon, piano)
  • 02. PASSAGE TO VIENNA (violin, cello, piano)
  • 03. ROUTE 33 (solo piano)
  • 04. WINDOWS (clarinet, bassoon, piano)
  • 05. IMPRESSIONS – 1.Carnival in Venice (cl,bsn,hn,vln,vla,vc,cb)
  • 06. IMPRESSIONS – 2.Dream
  • 07. IMPRESSIONS – 3.Country Road
  • 08. FROM VIENNA WITH LOVE (violin, viola, cello, piano)

All music composed by Gernot Wolfgang (BMI/AKM)
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Rich Breen
Produced by Gernot Wolfgang and Judith Farmer
Executive producer: David Barnes
All music published by Doblinger Music Publishers


Edgar David Lopez clarinet
Judith Farmer bassoon
Amy Jo Rhine
Gloria Cheng
Nic Gerpe
Joanne Pearce Martin
Nadia Shpachenko
Robert Thies piano
Tereza Stanislav violin
Maia Jasper White violin
Robert Brophy viola
Ben Hong violoncello
Andrew Shulman violoncello
Charles Tyler violoncello
Steve Dress double bass


“This intriguing and ingenious album by Gernot Wolfgang bridges sophisticated Viennese elements with edgier and rawer textures found in more contemporary American works. Indeed, this production evokes enigmatic scenes from Schoenberg’s school, to the sun-bleached streets of Los Angeles, where Wolfgang resides. He takes us on an autobiographical safari with this “groove-oriented” classical album that’s a pleasure to explore, for those with kid-like wonder or veteran-seasoned ears. This is a piece of musical literature because every time I listen to it, I hear something new. Each section is teeming with revelations, from the curious to the celestial. These compositions are for eclectic chamber groups, beginning with a bassoon-piano opener and concluding with a piano quartet. These many forms reveal the multiplicity of Wolfgang: He thrives when writing for different combinations, formats, permutations. In crafting this work, Wolfgang has created something wholly personal and profound. A significant and seminal contribution. An instant favorite.”

Kabir Sehgal, multi-GRAMMY & Latin GRAMMY winning producer