Jazz & Cocktails

Composed in:
for violin, violoncello & piano
12 minutes
Doblinger Music Publishers, Vienna (catalog #37 213)
Commissioned by:
Cambridge Commission for Music from Salem, NY
Premiere performance:
07/04/2004 at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY by Ulrike-Anima Mathe - violin, Kari Ravnan - violoncello, Allen Shawn - piano
CD recording:
Gernot Wolfgang, COMMON GROUND, Albany Records TROY854


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Jazz & Cocktails is an entertaining musical conversation, the musical equivalent of sophisticated talk over cocktails, with jazz in the background. There are what Shakespeare called “set[s] of wit well played” as ideas are sent backwards and forwards between instruments … ”

Glyn Pursglove, Musicweb-International.com

“Gernot Wolfgang elegantly blurs the borders between New Music and Jazz, high art and sophisticated entertainment.”

Ensemble (Germany)

“The piano trio Jazz & Cocktails is again just as the title suggests; the three ‘voices’ bring a hubbub of conversation; monologues, two-part or triangular exchanges; some blurred by distance, others partially or fully overheard. They’re characterized by their variety – snippets of serious, reflective or light-hearted converse – fundamentally played out in jazz idioms.”

Howard Smith, Music & Vision

” … there is certainly a lot of space in the relaxed ambiance of Jazz & Cocktails (dominated by bleeding string breaths and Robert Thies’ shimmering piano cascades … ) ”

Tobias Fischer, Tokafi.com