Go Get It (Part 1 of Trilogy)

Composed in:
oboe (or clarinet), bassoon & piano
6.5 minutes
Doblinger Music Publishers, Vienna (catalog #07 347)
Commissioned by:
Premiere performance:
05/27/99 at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles, CA by Leslie Reed - oboe, Charles Coker - bassoon and Lucinda Carver - piano
CD recording:
Gernot Wolfgang, PASSING THROUGH, Albany Records CD TROY 1624


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“This is a truly riveting piece of music! Each of the movements is unique, and could be played individually, but they work with incredible impact as a trio which I would compare favorably to some of the most famous doublereed trios in the repertoire (Poulenc, Francaix, etc.). This is a very powerful, beautifully written work. Each movement has a character all its own, but the overall quality is as “American” as the Poulenc and Francaix is “French”. The first movement, Go Get It, has a loose, “jazzy feel” to it; the second, Another Life, is quite bluesy in a Gershwinesque kind of way; and the third, Looking East, is, as one might guess from the title, quite Middle-Eastern in influence – but again with a touch of “Dave Brubeckishness” thrown into the mix. The result is a solid piece of music that I found to be very captivating.”

Ronald Klimko, The Double Reed

“The first movement, “Go Get It,” describes a journey that moves from active phases through passive ones and back to active ones again, becoming very pussycat-playful at times …”

Colin Clarke, Fanfare

“The piece, the composer avers, reflects his equal love for contemporary concert music and jazz, and certainly a jazz-like spirit pervades the entire work, and most effectively so. I also am fond of such a synthesis, and so really cottoned to this work, along with all of the others on this disc. Wolfgang has a distinctive voice, and one that is truly worth hearing.”

David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare

“Incessant rhythmic pulses and energy, and beautiful lyrical writing.  It is very interesting to hear the way the winds and piano unison lines come together and then spread out in improvisatory-like dialogue which also involved commentary from the piano in the opening “Go Get It”.  The music moves from these florid ideas of dialogue to exciting harmonic cadences that land us only to move in a new direction at times.  Here the reflective central section takes on the character of a waltz “Another Life”.  Finally, East-meets-West of sorts as Wolfgang combines Eastern/Southeastern European concert music with jazz styles.”

Steven A. Kennedy, Cinemusical

“The musical highlight of the evening was the performance of the stunning “Trilogy for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano” by Gernot Wolfgang, … Rich with rhythmic elements taken from the jazz tradition, the trilogy comprises two up-tempo movements – the opening “Go Get It” and the concluding “Looking East” - and one slow waltz, “Another Life”. Mr. Wolfgang’s fast movements had a wonderful forward momentum and sprightly sense of drama, never losing the audience but always engaging, always carrying the listener along. The slow movement was mellow and lyrical, its rich chords reminiscent of Gershwin.”

Martha’s Vineyard Gazette