Four Miniatures

Composed in:
for clarinet & guitar (in four movements)
10 minutes
Doblinger Music Publishers, Vienna (catalog # GKM 232)
Commissioned by:
Michele Zukovsky, Principal Clarinetist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Premiere performance:
02/01/2009 at LACMA in Los Angeles, CA by Michele Zukovsky - clarinet and Brian Head - guitar
CD recording:


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“All of the Four Miniatures are well-composed and imaginative – not easy to play but worth the effort. Clarinet and guitar are well-balanced and the latter always has an important part, filled with strumming, harmonics, ligados and ornaments. This is rich-sounding music, able to elicit an impressive reaction from the listener.” 

Uroš Dojčinović,

“Welcome to the world of contemporary, slightly avant-garde music for clarinet and guitar … Although firmly in a contemporary mode, this set, as one would deduce from the overall title, doesn’t outstay its welcome and is quite accessible. Moments of amusement are partnered with melodramatic ones and the overall impression is one of a talented writer who seems familiar with both instruments.” 

Classical Guitar Magazine