Dance of the Polar Bears

Composed in:
for four bassoons (4th doubling on contrabassoon); in one movement
10 minutes
Doblinger Music Publishers, Vienna (catalog # 06 367)
Commissioned by:
International Consortium of Bassoonists: Carolyn Beck, Charles Coker, Rose Corrigan, Mark Eubanks, Judith Farmer, Julie Feves, Amy Gillick, Nadina Mackie-Jackson & Fraser Jackson, Benjamin Kamins, Jeffrey Lyman, Richard Meek, Richard Ramey, Carl Rath, Hugh Rosenbaum, Allen Smith, Robert Stein, John Steinmetz, Maya Stone.
Premiere performance:
02/04/2008 at the University of Southern California (West Coast Premiere) by Judith Farmer, Benjamin Yingst, Rose Corrigan and Paul Curtis.
CD recording:


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“This is a wonderful addition to the bassoon quartet literature, difficult, but well within the capabilities of a talented quartet. You must have it in your bassoon quartet literature.”

Ronald Klimko, The Double Reed

“Structurally the composition is clearly contemporary classical music, but in a vital, uncompromising tonal language of modern Jazz … This is a challenging piece which calls for experienced bassoonists – go for it, you will be rewarded for your efforts!!!”

Oboe-Fagott (Germany)