Cadenzas for the Mozart Bassoon Concerto, K.191

Composed in:
for bassoon (1st & 2nd movements)
1.5 min (1st mvt), 1 min. (2nd mv)
Doblinger Music Publishers, Vienna (catalog # 05 507)
Commissioned by:
David Breidenthal, Principal Bassoonist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Premiere performance:
1/19/2003 at Bridges Hall of Music in Claremont, CA by the Claremont Young Musicians Orchestra, conducted by Roger Samuel; David Breidenthal - bassoon
CD recording:


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… [Wolfgang] manages to successfully merge Mozart’s original musical language with contemporary idioms … I would love to perform these two Cadenzas at a recital, and I’m sure that the audience would be in for a surprise.”

Brigitte Hilkenbach, Oboe-Fagott (GERMANY)

If you are searching for some cadenzas for this concerto, you might want to check these out as a fresh alternative to some of the other written out cadenzas available.”

Daniel Lipori, The Double Reed