Alpine Story

Composed in:
for 3 (or 2) percussion, strings (6-5-3-3-2 or similar); in one movement
14 minutes
Doblinger Music Publishers, Vienna (rental score and parts available through
Commissioned by:
Kammerorchester InnStrumenti
Premiere performance:
11/20/04 at the Canisianum in Innsbruck, AUSTRIA by the Kammerorchester InnStrumenti, conducted by Gerhard Sammer
CD recording:


” … the work of Gernot Wolfgang, a remarkable mid-career musician. Born in Austria in 1957, Wolfgang has been based in Los Angeles for 10 years, and his music also seems to be from several places at once … If Wolfgang’s title conjures something like Strauss’ “Alpine Symphony”, guess again. This 14-minute tone poem moves between old Europe and today’s Los Angeles, bridging moody percussion with repeating string figures. A timpanist pounds out riffs the strings make deeper. Cymbals are stroked with violin bows until they scream. Marimbas and vibraphones clang and bong while a snare drummer browses between jazz and rock. Strings start plucking. Everything seems to circle back to the opening figures, but then it gets more interesting. It’s over too soon. Alpine Story might not be a linear narrative, but it’s full of surprises and accessible on several levels. The Arroyo Grande audience got to be the first in the United States to hear it.

James Cushing, San Luis Obispo Tribune

The three percussionists create driving grooves … the folk-influenced music swings and a joyful urgency is present in every measure.”

Markus Hauser, Tiroler Tageszeitung (AUSTRIA)