New York Moments

Tapestry Ensemble
Navona 5888 (2012)


  • 01.-03. Pescadilloes (Toutant)
  • 04. Dall’ombra alla luce (Campo)
  • 05. Resonance (Marinescu)
  • 06. Undercurrent/Current (Kessner)
  • 07.-09. 3 Pieces for Oboe, Clarinet and Piano (Hosken)
  • 10. NEW YORK MOMENTS – 1. East River Funk (Wolfgang)
  • 11. NEW YORK MOMENTS – 2. After Hours (Wolfgang)
  • 12. NEW YORK MOMENTS – 3. Avenue A & 2nd (Wolfgang)


Richard Kravchak oboe, english horn
Julia Heinen
Ovidiu Marinescu
Dmitry Rachmanov piano


“I was very happy with the chamber unit The Tapestry Ensemble and their release New York Moments (Navona 5888). They have the instrumentation of oboe, clarinet, cello and piano. which has something going for it right away. To wit, that’s an interesting sound no matter what is being played … but they do things one better and have chosen modern works for the full ensemble or most of it, depending, that are challenging enough to the performers and listeners that we all have a little work to do, yet the results are fully mellifluous and memorable … the music is noteworthy. Recommended, too.”

Grego Applegate Edwards,


” … [New York Moments] instead makes us land on more familiar grounds , harmonically and melodically alluring and rhythmically vibrant, fully in line with the New York suggestions programmatically evoked in the title … a successful and not even too veiled blend of influences: funk, blues and jazz, and writing that is easy and at the same time non-dispersive.”

Filippo Focosi,