Extant Blues

Trio Accento
Albany Records TROY1792 (2019)


  • 01. Polarized (Kenneth Froelich)
  • 02.-04. Wings (Juhi Bansal)
  • 05. JAZZ & COCKTAILS (Gernot Wolfgang)
  • 06.-08. Paleface (Russell Steinberg)
  • 09. Almost Morning (Jeff Beal)


Limor Toren Immerman violin
Garik Terzian
Nora Chiang Wrobel piano


“Then we reach Gernot Wolfgang’s “Jazz and Cocktails”and almost immediately one is aware of a first-rate musical mind at work … This is really a marvelous piece, and Trio Accento plays it very well.”

Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge

“In Gernot Wolfgang’s “Jazz and Cocktails”, he explores a musical party of sorts where different styles are referenced to depict intimate conversations with some of the great composers and performers of the 20th Century. Wolfgang’s use of extended harmonies makes for a striking backdrop to the way jazz and classical styles merge and move through different moods.  It is at times like a third-stream jazz number of Shostakovich mixed with a little Grusin.”

Steven Kennedy, Cinemusical