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Verdehr Trio
Crystal Records CD970 (2011)


  • 01.-03. Trio (Brouwer)
  • 04. Recordando una melodía olvidada (Sierra)
  • 05. SKETCH BOOK – 1. Green Island (Wolfgang)
  • 06. SKETCH BOOK – 2. Night Breeze (Wolfgang)
  • 07. SKETCH BOOK – 3. Chromatic Train (Wolfgang)
  • 08.-10. Sonata a tre (Wallace)


Walter Verdehr violin
Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr
Silvia Roederer piano


… Green Island, the first movement of his [Gernot Wolfgang's] Sketch Book, describes a somewhat jazzy island that becomes increasingly mysterious as it grows in our imagination. Is this the fog-laden coast of Ireland? The Night Breeze blows over a warmer part of the earth where lovers may be sharing the swing on a rural porch. Its rhythms and unusual harmonies keep the listener wondering about the course of their affair. Are they newly in love or about to split up? The trio plays so effortlessly that the music and its direct emotional communication completely occupy the listener’s mind. The final movement, Chromatic Train, seems to be running on shiny new rhythmic wheels.”

Maria Nockin, Fanfare